Path2Freedom Red Gala

Path2Freedom Red Gala

November 10, 2018

WDG Principals Rob Mongillo and Tom Jones recently attended the Path2Freedom Red Gala to support the Path2Freedom mission of creating hope and healing for child victims of human trafficking by providing safe environments and long-term programs for recovery.

Tom recently worked with Path2Freedom on the master plan of their future campus.  The Path2Freedom Master Plan intentionally defines a “progression of care” that the organization believes is essential for deliverance in the rescued individual’s journey. That path, starting with their arrival on campus, through individualized professional care and restoration services, and culminating in their release back to society, is the mission of Path2Freedom.  WDG is honored to be working withPath2Freedom.  You can learn more about P2Fand their mission by visiting them here.

Path 2 Freedom Future Campus Master Plan

8970 Fontana Del Sol Way #2  |  Naples, FL 34109  |  239-594-9778